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A Poem To Accompany A Stranger

He healed me, he quenched my thirst, And he would show me the way, To my village, to my family, whom I think of every day.

My lips were cracked and bleeding, my hands dusty and dry

My feet had walked a thousand miles but I had no tears left to cry.

The absent sun left a dull blue hue

Hugging the mountains of sand,

The indigo desert that had once welcomed me had become a no man’s land.

I climbed every mountain that loomed before me, coughing and exhausted

For I did not know where I would end up, sweating and sand-frosted.

There were a few stars in the sky but I could still not find my way

To the place I once sought and had searched for every day.

At the time I felt I nearly couldn’t go on

There rose before me a face.

A lion’s body under a man’s head

With giant paws at the base.

“Look into my eyes,” his voice echoed deep,

Years later I would still find it to hang me in my sleep.

As I stared into the bottomless orbs that burned into my soul,

A weight lifted from my chest,

I was revived, I was whole.

He healed me, he quenched my thirst

And he would show me the way

To my village, to my family, whom I think of every day.

“I ask only that you worship me,

But live your life the same.

For has it not been for I, surely death would have had you to claim.”

So I promised, yes I sweared

To idolize this creature

That saved me from the unforgiving desert,

Who would now become my teacher.

I kneeled before him, kissed his paws and never once had I doubted

That maybe, just perhaps, my judgment had been clouded.

But I won’t think about that now, I had just wanted to return home.

The Sphinx pointed the way and then I whispered softly, “Shalom.”

The sun rose quickly that day

And my children ran to greet me,

It would be months to come until the true curse of the Sphinx would defeat me.

4 comments on “A Poem To Accompany A Stranger

  1. One should not focus on how the Sphinx image can curse them later. Embrace the glories that are happening now.

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  2. Stay well.

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