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10 TV Shows To Keep You From Losing Your Mind In This Quarantine

Whether you relax by doing yoga, reading, or binge watching a good show, you should be setting aside at least an hour or so a day to unwind. So here's a list of TV shows to watch to give you some fresh inspiration.

With all this time on our hands, it’s important to vary our tasks so that we don’t get stuck in a mind-numbing rut. Now is a great time to explore new hobbies (such as language learning!!!!) and cross some things that have been stuck on your To-Do list for ages. Still, we all need to take the time to relax, especially if you’re living on a rural compound with ten of your closest family members, as I am.

So whether you relax by doing yoga, reading, or binge watching a good show, you should be setting aside at least an hour or so a day to stay sane. This is modern day therapy, yo.

To follow up my previous article, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tv shows to give you some new options. The list is quite varied, so there’s something for everyone. As I mentioned before in my movie rec masterpost, I try to avoid giving too much of a plot away, to allow each of you the opportunity to develop your own understanding of the story. I’ll try to be as vague as possible while still trying to convince you to watch it. I’m always up for a challenge like that!

Before we begin, I’d also like to give a huge shoutout to Netflix for always crushing it on their originals productions, movies and television alike. I’m never disappointed.

So now, I give to you, my tv show recommendations for this maybe-or-maybe-not-world-ending-quarantine! Voila!


Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Where To Find It: Apply TV+

M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant on Apply TV+ is one of the most uniquely disturbing and thrilling show that I’ve seen in a long time. It definitely is not for the faint of heart. Nearly the entire storyline takes place in the main character’s home, giving the viewer a sort of tunnel vision. The show also made it difficult for you to figure out who the antagonists were, as each episode completely changed your point of view on a given character. Servant is a psychological thriller with impressive cinematography and a truly unique (and terrifying) story.

Fun bonus: Rupert Grint (aka Ron Weasley) is one of the main characters. He does a phenomenal job and has a very convincing American accent. Gotta love him!

Servant' Trailer: M. Night Shyamalan Apple TV+ Horror Series ...

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

Genre: Sketch Comedy

Where To Find It: Netflix

If I were to describe I Think You Should Leave, I would say it’s very similar to what SNL was at its peak: well-directed and hilarious sketch comedy. This is an intensely awkward and offbeat show, but just the fact that it’s produced by The Lonely Island should be a slam dunk on its own.

Future Man

Genre: Comedy

Where To Find It: Hulu

Future Man is a wild ride. The plot literally takes place over the course of thousands of years, due to the main characters’ irresponsible time travel practices. Because of this, their chaotic adventures go all over the place and you genuinely never know what to expect. Thankfully, the third and final season premiers on April 3rd, so you can binge watch the first two seasons and have new episodes to look forward to!

Hulu renews 'Future Man,' but Season 3 will be its last - SlashGear

His Dark Materials

Genre: Fantasy

Where To Find It: Hulu and HBO

His Dark Materials on HBO is an adaption of the book The Golden Compass. It’s filled with adventure, heart-warming moments, secret antagonists, and mystery upon mystery. If you are into fantasy, this one’s for you.

I should also add that the show is wayyyy better than the movie adaptation.

His Dark Materials: Differences From The Golden Compass Book | Den ...

The Morning Show

Genre: Drama

Where To Find It: Apple TV+

With Steve Carrel, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston as main characters, this Apple TV+ show was bound to be a hit, and they sure as heck did not let us down. This is a story about a news anchor (Steve Carrell) who gets fired from his job after receiving several sexual assault allegations. What follows is an aggressive scramble for the open spot, the search for the truth behind these allegations, and a plethora of personal conflict.

The Morning Show' Season 2: Release Date, Cast Details, Storyline ...

The Rain

Genre: Doomsday/Thriller

Where To Find It: Netflix

Netflix has really been branching out with their foreign films and tv shows and The Rain is one of their best. The story takes place in modern-day Denmark, right after a mysterious virus in the rain causes nearly everyone to instantly die. You know there’s going to be a rag-tag team of survivors and they’re going to be relatable as heck.

The Rain (TV Series 2018– ) - IMDb

Russian Doll

Genre: Comedy/Mystery

Where To Find It: Netflix

Another Netflix original, Russian Doll with Natasha Lyonne takes the classic Groundhog Day-type story of repeating the last day of your life over and over again. However, the show still manages to keep the storyline fresh and original. The plot also has some very dark existential and philosophical themes that pop up and they will definitely send you on a downward spiral if you focus on them too much. Just a fair warning.

Even though it’s not the main focus on the show, I did also enjoy the kind of New York City lifestyle that Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) had. Russian Doll was also produced by Amy Poehler, so it was always certain to be a knockout.

Russian Doll Season 2 Predictions: What's Next for the Netflix ...


Genre: Action/Adventure

Where To Find It: Hulu and HBO

Watchmen is the adaptation of the famous comic book, by Alan Moore. The twelve-part comic is said to be one of the most influential works within that genre, all the way down to the color scheme. The plot follows many different story lines, which don’t even fully come together until the last few episodes. It’s a wild ride, filled with the best kind of adventure.

If you never saw the Watchmen movie or read the comic books, this YouTube video will provide you with a lot of valuable background information.

Sex Education

Genre: Comedy

Where To Find It: Netflix

Sex Education is an original Netflix series, with Asa Butterfield as the main character. It is an incredible coming-of-age story, set in England, with a unique and modern twist, and with a talented ensemble. Asa Butterfield’s character, Otis, becomes the “sex therapist” for the kids in his high school. It makes for some truly absurd, but hilarious, content. I finished all sixteen episodes in one week.

Sex Education Season 2: Netflix Release Date & Renewal Status ...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Genre: 100% Pure Comedy Gold

Where To Find It: Hulu

This is my favorite show of all time. I’ve probably seen it over eight times through, and even watch random episodes when I’m bored. I bet there are some episodes (like the season 2 finale) that I’ve seen upwards of twenty times. I know…I have a problem.

Anyway, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the perfect feel-good tv show to distract you from all your worries. It will make you laugh, which cannot be underrated in times like these. Do yourself a favor and watch B99. You won’t regret it!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | About the Show & Meet the Cast | FOX

So there you have it! Hopefully these shows can keep you from slipping into and endless pit of boredom. All right, guys. You stay safe out there! I wish you all the best 🙂

PS – I’m running out of things to watch, so leave any recommendations you may have in the comments below 🙂

2 comments on “10 TV Shows To Keep You From Losing Your Mind In This Quarantine

  1. I’ve been dancing around Brooklyn Nine-Nine for months now. I have a buddy who swears by it. I think it’s time to pull the trigger. My recommendation (and for shame whoever has not seen this yet) is Twin Peaks. 30 years later and not only does it hold up, but it’s like visiting with old friends.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, please please watch B99. It’s my favorite show in the world and never ever disappoints me. I’ve also gotten like 10 other people to watch it hehe and yes I’ll give Twin Peaks a try! Thanks for the rec 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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