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Keeping Traveling Interesting With Chocolate Milk

I'm not exaggerating when I say that every country has chocolate milk unique to themselves. I might be hypersensitive to the subtleties of chocolate milk (and i know it's kinda weird) but it's only because, over the years, I've tried more them in more than twenty countries.

Okay, I know that title may be a bit confusing, but you should know that I definitely have a flair for theatrics. I’m a theatre kid who did competitive improv in high school and now does stand-up, so what do you expect?

Today I wanted to talk about one thing that I tend to experience after traveling for a long time: routine. I know that sounds nuts. I mean, who could be routine in Edinburgh, Oslo, Tel Aviv, or Amsterdam, when it’s the first time you’ve ever visited?

Whenever I get to a new city, there’s a few things I do every single time. If I have any friends there and I’ll make plans to meet up with them. I always find my way to the coolest coffee shops, museums, and dark tourist locations that I most likely researched four months before my trip. If the country speaks a language that I’m studying (French, German, Italian, 0rArabic) I’ll be taking language classes for sure, probably at Apple Languages or International House.

But that’s basically what I do every time and after traveling for four years off and on and eleven months straight, as I did on my last trip, I’d get a little bored with it. One of my favorite parts of traveling is getting to know a foreign culture, which is fascinating to me. The best way to start, in my opinion, is by visiting a grocery store.

Market, Food, Fruits, Vegetables, People, Crowd, Busy

I think it actually provides a lot of insight, and I might go into depth about why you should go to a foreign in a future blog post. But besides going there as a language learning opportunity or to find new foods, I go there to buy chocolate milk.

Yup. That’s my travel tradition that keeps things exciting for me. Chocolate milk.

Every time I visit a new country, pretty much the first thing I do (besides finding my hostel or Airbnb) is to go to a grocery store and buy chocolate milk. It goes without saying that I love chocolate milk, but for about three years now, this has become a major part of my travels. It keeps things interesting and is something that I always look forward to.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that every country has chocolate milk unique to themselves. I might be hypersensitive to the subtleties of chocolate milk, but it’s only because, over the years, I’ve tried more them in more than twenty countries.

I don’t know anyone else that does it, and that’s part of the excitement. I still do some traditional travel goals like collection pins from each country, but this is one that I put above everything else.

So this is what I recommend to you: find something quirky and special that you’ll seek out every time you travel. Rather than looking forward to another version of every museum and cafe (no matter how cool they really are) you can look forward to eating at a McDonald’s, taking a cooking class, buying a book, or going to the local movie theatre whenever you first arrive in a new country.

I hope I can inspire you to spice up your travels because it really gives you something to look forward to. This personal tradition of mine has become close to my heart and I truly believe that every travel could benefit from something like this.

To finish on a chocolatey note, here are some of my favorite chocolate milks from the past three years.

Polish Chocolate Milk
Polish Chocolate Milk – Warsaw
Norwegian Chocolate Milk
Norwegian Sjokolade Melk (I often fly back to LAX through Oslo and you can find this all over the airport – jackpot!) This is my all-time favorite chocolate milk.
In Japan, I grew very fond of their chocolate milk, particularly the ones that were spiked with coffee! My two favorite things all wrapped up into one magnificent beverage.
Emirati Chocolate Milk - Dubai
Emirati (from when I went to Dubai)
Italian Chocolate Milk - Latte con Cacao
Italian Latte con Cacao
Mexican Chocolate Milk
Mexican Chocolate Milk
German Strawberry Milk
I switched it up a bit in Berlin and tried their strawberry milk and holy crap pleaaaseee try it if you go to Germany!!
English Chocolate Milk - Cocio
Classic English chocolate milk that I’ve had at least five times in London
Chocomel - Dutch Chocolate Milk
Chocomel from the Netherlands. Creamy, heavily chocolat-ified. Do yourself a flavor and prioritize this bad boy.
Hungarian Chocolate Milk (Mizo Kakao)
Hungarian chocolate milk (Mizo kakaó) that I tried in Budapest

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