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Computer! Science! Is! Cool!

Besides becoming a mega-super computer genius and getting all the hot babes, why would you want to study computer science?

Besides becoming a mega-super computer genius and getting all the hot babes, why would you want to study computer science? First off, it’s an invaluable skill that gives you a heads up in the job market, not to mention the STARTING salary for a computer engineer is over $65,000.

Computer engineers are in really high demand right now, and with a university degree (you don’t even really need a master!!) you’re almost guaranteed a job. We’re making technological advances every day so this job field is going to continue growing for at least another 5 years.

It’s also a super versatile job field! You could bounce around from video game developing or web page design to a FREAKING DEFENSE ENGINEER FOR A GOVERNMENT.

Maybe you want to try a different path and create the next flappy bird game for smartphones and frustrate millions of people. There are a lot of respectful jobs to choose from. On the other hand, you could be like the famous “hacktivist” group, Anonymous, and attack corporate websites.

A cool new event that computer nerds have taken a liking to is called Hackathons. Anyone can partake in a hackathon, whether you have a degree in Engineering or are an aspiring ballerina, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have a certain level of computer knowledge, you’re allowed to compete.

Hackathons last a couple days and the objective is to form a team and complete some computer programming task. These events can be pretty fun but, even better, they look awesome on a resume.

This is pretty advanced stuff, and to reach these types of jobs you have a lot of learning ahead of you. Computer coding has also been known to improve your understanding of other studies, such as math. So, in order to be successful at both, you need persistence, critical thinking, and analytical skills.

Graduating from a good university will require countless hours of work but you can start learning how to code by yourself now for free! You could start with CodeAcademy or Dash by General Assembly. These are perfect sites for absolute beginners. After these, you could work your way up to more advanced lessons through KhanAcademy or TopCoder.

Computer sciences take some serious brain power but it’s totally worth it! Hope I convinced you 🙂

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