Original Writing Self-Love

A Song Of Love And Despair

i can’t find a reason to let go

but with every passing season

i put on a better show.

certain things have still stayed with me

while you left long ago

like the crook and crease of your elbows

and the tips of your toes.

it’s just the little things.

that no one thinks to remember

like a flower on the ground

or the burning of an ember

my dry and cracked hands

will intertwine to pray

but the hopeless longing that i have will persist throughout the day.

ill tell u again

that this time i’m sure

you’ll find solice in knowing

that i’ll never be her.

cuz theres no second me

and there’s no second you

and although i wish it wasn’t so

it’s proven to be true

i could tell u some jokes

and try to make u smile

but it will only really matter

if u say you’ll stay a while.

as the days pass and minutes accumulate

the hours will fade into the arms of fate.

still melodies float inside my head

and the high notes sounds quicker

and gentle instead.

im sure i’ll never see u again

so ill send this straight to you

a part of myself left that night

and found it’s way to u.

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