Ants On A Busy Street

I’m walking slowly up and down these roads

watching the people working overload.

A colony of ants too scared to deter

from the life that’s been assigned to them since the day of their birth.

What do they think of in the middle of the night?

Do they wonder or worry and search for the light?

Or do they just lay there,

like good little sheep

wanting and waiting for their peaceful little sleep?

This is what I think of when I watch them from above.

It’s not out of hate, but it’s not out of love.

Is it wrong to judge them for not thinking like me?

For being simple enough to not disagree

with what they’ve been told?

They just obey and react,

a story untold.

Maybe I pity them, maybe I don’t.

For now, I’ll just sigh

and leave them alone.

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