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What To Eat In Nice, France

To start off a series of blog posts based on Nice, I'm going to be gracing you with my list of the best food in Nice. Let's goooooo!

I’m back!! In my favorite city!! Nice, France!! Boyyyy is it a great feeling!

After a few hectic hours in the car, too many wrong turns, and a fair few sassy comments, my family and I made it to Nice. As some of you know, I attend school here four years ago. It was truly the best time of my life. I met one of my best friends, Christina. I fell in love. I discovered a country I loved and learned to like being alone. I will forever be grateful to my parents, who gave me that opportunity.

Well, I’m here for round two of International House Language School, Nice. My family and I will be together until Sunday, at which point I will head to my new host grandma’s house and my family will prepare for the last leg of their trip, which includes a long layover in Reykjavík.

To start off a series of blog posts based on Nice, I’m going to be gracing you with my list of the best food in Nice. Let’s goooooo!

Le Petit Caprice – 8 Rue Barla

I’m serious when I say that this is café will serve you the best croissant of your damn life. I’ve spent many, many months in France, so I feel semi-qualified to assure you that this is where you need to go to get a croissant. The croissants are flaking, doughy, and buttery, like all the best are, but I think they add sugar to the egg wash they put on top before baking. There’s a light layer of sweetness on top that changes the game.

What To Get: Croissant with an espresso, or a croque monsieur.


Side note: As much as I love croissants, I’m a firm believer that I won’t waste any calories on imperfect croissants.

Phnom Penh – 2 Rue de la Préfecture

Moderately priced and greasy af, Phnom Penh is the perfect place to get your Vietnamese food fix. They have a huge variety of rice, fish, meats, and sauces, as well a hefty fridge filled to the brim with Asian drinks and desserts. The wifi is good, the coffee ain’t half bad, and they serve wine by the glass. When I was 18, with an appetite for orange chicken and adventure, this is where I would go.

What To Get: Poulet Tao, Accra, and Banane Tapioca.


Pizza Pili – 24 Rue Benoît Bunico

As much as I like to be the sole expert on Nice, my little sister was the one who introduced me to this pizzeria. It’s a little hole in the wall with pre-folded pizza boxes stacked high like the mattresses in Princess and the Pea. I was happy to see that there was a long line of hungry customers waiting up to twenty minutes to get their order in; that’s always a good sign. It’s hidden in an alley in Vieux Nice, and you might make a few wrong turns, but at €7 a pop, this is where to get your pizza.

What To Get: Pizza Marguerite.

Le Grand Café de Lyon à Nice – 33 Avenue Jean Médecin

Although the waiters are a bit rude and take a bit too long to bring out your desert, Café de Lyon was my go-to café back when I lived here. Although it’s namesake is in Lyon, I am reminded of Paris when I sit in the café. The coffee is classical and rich, the desserts are elegant and extra (as the kids would say) and the decor is something out of Midnight in Paris. I should also mention that I feel pretty dang fancy when I’m inside.

What To Get: A café allongé and a cup of strawberries 😀

Image result for le grand cafe de lyon a nice

Lac – 12 Rue de la Préfecture

There are many of these stores around Nice, so this address is just the one in Vieux Nice. Now listen here, if you know what’s good for you, you will walk through the doors, pick out a macaron, and will spend the best €1.30 of your life. Yes, the macarons are good, but don’t let that stop you from getting anything else they offer, like a mango tart or a chocolate gateau.

What To Get: Macarons, of course! Noix de Coco or Vanille.

Now, my list really could go on, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. As a pro tip, note that any independent boulangerie will likely have a great croissant. Be sure to also check out Comme Autrefois, on Rue Gioffreddo, and Fennochio, for a delicious ice cream!

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