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Series Review: Lost In Space

“Danger, Will Robinson!”

Ok ok… I know what you’re thinking. “Elena, another sci-fi post??” Well, the answer is yes, another sci-fi post, so strap in!

After I finished reading and watching Altered Carbon, I was looking for another series that could feed my hunger for futuristic adventure. Back in May, I had written a post about the top Netflix series of this year, with an entire section devoted to science fiction, so my options were already laid out for me. In the end, the choice was easy: Lost In Space.

The story follows the Robinson family on their journey to the planet, Alpha Centauri, in humanity’s collective attempt to start a new space colony. Made up of a doctor, a rocket scientist, a marine, and genius children, the family crash-lands on a strange planet after they have to emergency evacuate The Resolute. The Resolute is the interstellar vessel that is carrying the colonists and scientists, along with their own space crafts, known as Jupiters, to Alpha Centauri.

Image result for lost in space netflix
The Resolute

Image result for lost in space netflixOn the planet, the family faces extreme weather conditions, shady imposters, alien robots, and what seems like an endless amount of consecutive disasters. The show is packed with adventure and suspense, but also holds beautiful moments that show how the family supports each other on that terrifying, strange planet.

Related image
The Robinsons

Like Altered Carbon, the plot thickens and expands with every episode, leaving the viewer so close to the edge of their seat that they might just fall to the floor. What I’ve enjoyed most about the show is the reason they left Earth in the first place; to travel space and colonize the galaxy. They left Earth when there was no future for their families when they knew they would never see a rainbow or a sunny day again, due to the meteorite that crashed on Christmas Day.

Science is at this point now where this is also a concern of ours. Does humanity really have a future on Earth? Elon Musk and most scientists think not. I’ve researched the subject quite a bit; our own humanity’s next step in evolution. The next step being…leaving home.

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  1. Hey don’t knock the Sci-fi 🙂 thanks for this I haven’t braved it yet as I remember the original and I wasn’t so fusse dabout that one.

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