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Santa Margherita Photo Diary

Santa Margherita, you’re a treasure.

A tiny town hugs the Mediterranean tightly. Low rolling hills, dotted with pastel houses and extravagant villas, swing low and seem to guard the tiny boats the sway precariously in the harbor.

Santa Margherite Ligure is a town of relaxation. It doesn’t really wake up until ten, shortly after the marine layer has finally burnt away. Then, you can see young families and old couples walking hand and hand, coming in and out of bakeries or cafes. The sun will take a while to rise fully in the sky, and the temperature will climb steadily along the way, engulfing the city with warmth. In the distance, church bells chime.

Late at night, the summer concerts leave the sounds of violin and trumpets echoing through the alleys of the town. Light lingers long after eight in the evening, and then is replaced by a glowing moon. The sea is dark emerald at night, with the light from the moon casting an electric line which drags out into the horizon.

Santa Margherita, you’re a treasure; a tiny little gem in the sand, that can only be found by those who are looking.

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