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The City of Lilies – Florence, Italy

As the epicenter of medieval Europe, creator of the Renaissance, and home to Michaelangelo’s statue of David, Florence is an attractive city to lovers of the humanities. Regular readers of mine know how I am a lover of the arts, but so far I’ve been primarily taken by Belgian Surrealism and Modernism. Being in Florence for a mere three days left me thinking that it’s about time I study Italian art.

With that being said, I can still say that there were many other reasons that I was taken by Florence. The nerd side of me geeked out that I was in the same city that I virtually explored and fought in, in the popular Ubisoft video game, Assassin’s Creed. Even looking off the roof of my Airbnb, I felt as if I had been there before, jumping off the rooftops, climbing the Duomo, and sneaking through tiny alleyways.




What I’ve always loved about Italy is that every city seems like a work of art. Florence was no exception. Old buildings towered high over the city, ancient churches guarded the piazzas, and casual carvings and paintings were easy to find. Everywhere you went was guaranteed to have a breathtaking view.



I’ve always been fascinated by cathedrals. In Rome, it was the Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore. In Paris, it was Notre Dame.

The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore in Piazza Del Duomo, Florence, was no exception. I followed the towering dome throughout the city, weaving through wide streets and narrow alleys, to stop short the moment I entered the square. I stared at it, walked around for better angels, and took hi-res photos for at least twenty minutes. Every other chance I got to catch a glimpse, I took.



Now, my family and I are in Viareggio, a small city on the sea, in the province of Lucca. We’re staying at a beautiful hotel and have spent most of our time biking, eating, and lounging at the hotel’s pool and on the beach. Our next stop is Santa Margherita!


I will be in Italy for another month this summer, with a short break on the Côte d’Azur. The first three weeks of August will be spent in Venice studying the Italian language. My school also offers courses in art history, where I can study Venetian art, history, culture, and traditions. After seeing Florence, I am much more inspired to delve into the Italian culture and I look forward to doing just that on this trip 🙂

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