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A Thought On A Missed Opportunity

Sometimes it hurts more than usual. The pain is particularly excruciating. It’ll probably be at the end of a good song. I’d be driving my car, fingers wrapped tightly around the wheel. And the lyrics just get to me. Right in the soul. And I feel as if a poet punched me square in the chest.

The feeling burns brightly at first, daring me to act on it. But it will fizzle out soon enough, lingering for only a moment.

I’ll sit there, in the front seat of my car, with that heavy feeling in my chest. I feel selfish. I miss him because of how he made me feel. I will feel as if I’ve been robbed of something special. Something meant especially for me.

It’s like I’m thirsty….or starving or drowning. My soul aches for yours. We would be great together, you know.

I am a freelance writer and stand-up comedian living in San Diego. I speak five languages (English, French, Italian, German, and Arabic) and have lived in Europe and the Middle East for the most part of the past four years. I write about travel, art, science, and history, or anything that captures my heart.

5 comments on “A Thought On A Missed Opportunity

  1. It’s hard when we miss someone dear.

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  2. Just right…so well done!!

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