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Photos I Took On My iPhone 8Plus

Back in October, I attended the AUSACE Conference at the American University of Cairo. At AUSACE, or the Arab-US Association for Communication Editors conference, we discussed journalism and mass communication in the age of instant information. Interestingly enough, the panel that I found to be most intriguing was that of a travel photographer. In just under an hour’s time, he taught a room of one hundred people how to take high-quality photos of an iPhone.

That was six months ago. Since then, I have found more and more ways to improve the quality of the photos that I take on my phone. The iPhone 8Plus has features such as portrait mode, custom editing, and live photos. This makes it easier than ever to take professional level photos on your phone.

(Side note: click here for a helpful article about iPhone 8 Pluses)

I wanted to show you some of the photos that I took on my phone after I learned all the features. Because the things that I talk about tend to be travel, food, and dogs, I thought I’d put them into sections to help you navigate better. So below you will find some photos off my iPhone 8Plus from the past four months or so.

Photos of Dogs


My Goldendoodle, Rufus. Aged 7.


Bodie, pitbull. Aged 3.



The coast of Sorrento, Italy.


Homemade ricotta ravioli in Italy.


Altar in a church in Rome.


My last meal in Cairo, Egypt.


Statue of Marx and Engels in Berlin.


A ship in front of Tower Bridge in London, England.







I take most of the foliage ones when I walk around my neighborhood 🙂

Feel free to share your favorite iPhone photos and check out these links of famous iPhone photographers.






1 comment on “Photos I Took On My iPhone 8Plus

  1. Hey! Awesome clicks! I am working on a post about iPhone 8 Plus. How to take better pics and videos and how to edit them. Stay tuned and show my blog some love!


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