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Women Who Drone Together, Come Together

Elena Buenrostro is the CEO and co-founder of the incredible online community composed entirely of women in the AUV industry. She had a passion for aerial photography and cinematography that rose out of this video that she created at The Great Wall of China. Elena’s passion was turned into a company, Women Who Drone, that is sure to shake up the film industry.

Women Who Drone, based in Brooklyn, bring together female drone pilots, enthusiasts, and aerial content creators. The all take part in providing forms of interaction, such as workshops, news, and career opportunities. From all over the world, women with the same passion get together to educate, inspire, and support one another.


I enjoy the concept of using drones to create footage. It allows access to all these incredible shots and that brings in an invaluable element of interactivity and engagement. I was fascinated and impressed with Elena’s first video because I had felt connected to it.

I, myself, am a traveler, interested in film, and am learning the craft of travel photography. Also, my name is also Elena. I always wanted to document the places I’ve visited but didn’t know how to approach it without seeming mainstream and generic. I was looking for a way to bring the thrill and raw happiness that I had felt in my travels to the screen.


I’ve been searching for a way to revolutionize travel cinematography and I hadn’t known how until I discovered Women Who Drone. Through drone footage, the films feel like an adventure, which could be an imprint left over from the Planet Earth documentary by BBC. If given the opportunity, I would love to work with them and do everything I could to create value for the company. I strongly support what they’re doing.

What I think is most valuable about the company is the fact that they are encouraging women from all over to get interested or involved in the UAV industry. So far, the industry has been monopolized by men. But these women know what they’re doing. Look out, world, there’s a new sheriff in town.


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