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Training Companies To Use Facebook Ads

Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to work with ACI Medical, a medical engineering company based in San Marcos, California. I have known them for a long time and they reached out to me due to my experience in marketing through social media.

In case you haven’t read them, here are the posts of a project I did in the winter on the Facebook marketing tactics of six language schools. I have been pretty vocal about the unique type of marketing I study and implement in my work. Growth Hacker Marketing requires hard data like customer flow charts, predictive analysis and a lot of A/B testing. It also involves soft data such as customer surveys and usability testing.

Pretty much, you can use this information to reach the same amount of people for a lot less money. Businesses don’t need to waste their money and time directing ads at people who aren’t interested in their product.

Earlier this week, I trained two employees, including one of the owners, of ACI in how to promote their product through Facebook Ads. We were focusing specifically on a fantastic product of theirs, FlowDyn.

I showed them how, by targeting very specific demographics through Facebook Ads, they can reach people who will engage with their posts and would actually be interested in their products. We set a budget of $2 a day for two posts, one promoting their Page and one promoting a post of theirs.

This week, we will record how much traffic their website gets and how much of it comes from Facebook. We will then wait one week and see how much of that carries over.

After that, we will promote the website and a new post, targeting a different demographic. Once again, we will record where their traffic is coming from for the week. Then one week off to see how much it carries over. Then we’ll repeat until we find out what works best. I firmly believe that digital marketing is much more efficient than traditional marketing, which has honestly run its course.

I enjoyed our first meeting and look forward to working with them every week for as long as it takes to perfect their marketing tactics.

Here is my article on growth hacker marketing.

Here is my article on email funnels.

I am also working on producing a website for a water company in Colorado. I will post about that soon!

I’m excited to be utilizing my skills more and more! Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in reading an article about how to use Facebook Ads 🙂


Elena xoxo

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