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Ra Ra Rasputin…Russia’s Greatest Mystery Man

Okay, if you haven’t heard of Grigori Rasputin, you are in for a wild ride. This man, also known as The Mad Monk, was the infamous mystic and faith healer who worked closely with the last tsar of Russia, Nicholas II. He was said to have special powers, such as clairvoyance, and quickly proved himself to be valuable to the monarchy.

Rasputin was born a Siberian peasant. With time and religious practice, and despite his failure to become a monk, he still rose to become one of the Tsar’s inner circle. The mystic gave much to the monarchy, creating a strong bond between the Tsar and, especially, the Tsarina.

He treated their only son, Alexei’s, hemophilia. He also gave the Tsar political advice during the First World War. Most interestingly, his supposed prophetic powers had become the most preferred of his many gifts.

Over the years, Rasputin was accused of treason by the Germans, of having an affair with Tsarina Alexandra, and of starting a cholera epidemic in Russia. Although his influence over Russian politics was minor, many became concerned. After many dramatic events, Rasputin found himself caught in the middle of the Russian Revolution and was marked for death.

In 1926, the Duma, a Russian assembly, decided to kill the evil Grigori Putin for his excessive control over the monarchy. It took the Russian nobles multiple tries to actually succeed in the assassination. Rasputin was stabbed in the stomach, strangled, poisoned with cyanide multiple times, and a shot in the stomach before he was supposedly killed by a shot to the head. Felix Yusupov and his henchmen then through the body in the Malay Nevka River.

There are many suspicious instances surrounding his death. A lot of people believe that he had actually died of asphyxiation under the ice, rather than the gunshot wound to the head. Not long after these events, the story of his assassination became one of history’s darkest and most famous tales.

Strangest of all, Rasputin’s last prophecy to the Tsar did indeed come true. He had predicted that, should he meet his end by the hand of the government, the Tsar and his entire family would be murdered as well.

Lo and behold, nearly a year and a half year, the Romanov family of seven was executed in their own basement. However, some speculate that one of the daughters, Anastasia, had miraculously survived. I’m sure you are used to the speculation by now.

As you now know, the story of this terrifying, mystic, holy man still carries much suspicion. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see all the layers of the life and death, of the monarchy and their mystic, unfold.

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