On Tuesday, I read a book that changed my life. I had been gifted the book Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Wiess, MD. Brian Weiss is a successful psychiatrist who studied at Columbia, Yale, and New York University. He is most famous today for his groundbreaking work in hypnotherapy and past-life regression. I know, past life…stay with me.

In the book, he begins to treat a lady who he calls “Catherine,” though of course, that is not her real name. She comes to him, knowing he is the most respected and accomplished psychiatrist in the area. Catherine has suffered her whole life from crippling anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, but they had recently gotten much worse.

For the first 18 months of her therapy, Dr. Weiss adhered to traditional methods of treatment. However, she did not get better. Dr. Weiss was stumped and decided to try hypnosis, in the hopes that he would unlock some memories from her childhood. This is a popular form of therapy in the field of psychiatry.

In the first session, Dr. Weiss is shocked to find that Catherine is speaking from the perspective of another person. Long story short, over the next few months, he and Catherine discover that she has had 86 past lives. In their sessions together, they go through the ten or twelve most influential ones. Catherine had lived lives as both male and female, and had come from all corners of human history.

Throughout their journey, they discovered the tragic ways she had died in many lifetimes; flooding, disease, murder. After Catherine relives her past deaths, the phobias and anxiety that were directly connected to it seemed to disappear. The book gets way more intense and magical, but in case you want to read it, I will spoil no more.

I have always believed in reincarnation and many other aspects of the Hindu religion. I grew up in a Christian nation, but was surrounded by Judaism, and lived in a Muslim country. I have experienced all forms of the Abrahamic religions and still, I found myself naturally drawn to this Eastern dharma.

Reading this book genuinely changed my life. It gave me a new insight into reincarnation and got me questioning how my life could be affected by my past lives. I read the book in one day, and then immediately had myself hypnotized and into past-self regression.

What I saw was something that I always suspected, and it was incredible to see it confirmed. I saw my past self live and die, once more. I’m not trying to convince any of you of reincarnation; I know that no one could ever convince me to believe in Christianity.

For those of you that do, or have always been curious, I implore you to read this book. It will give you a new perspective on the subject and may encourage you to do some investigating of your own. It is very instructive. If you are firmly against the theory of reincarnation, the book may still be entertaining and enlightening.

Anyways, it was a great book. 10/10. Would recommend.

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