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The Best Place To Drink Coffee in Berlin

Every city I go to, there are two things that I immediately check out. The coffee scene and the art scene. I’m a huge coffee snob, especially after working as a barista for four years.

When I came to Berlin in August, I tried out a few coffee shops. Kaffee Mitte, The Barn, Five Elephant Mitte. They are all great, but the one that stuck with me was Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers.

Father Carpenter has everything I look for in a coffee shop. A great ambiance, friendly staff, delicious food, but of course the most important is their coffee. The drip coffee here is off the charts. As an American, my coffee of choice will always be a drip coffee or iced coffee. But it’s far too cold here to enjoy an iced coffee.

Multiple times a week, I find myself sitting in Father Carpenter. The staff is always ready to recommend a brewed coffee as well as the whole backstory of the beans. They come from all over the world. Every barista here knows exactly how it made it’s way to Berlin.

Today, I had a Guatemalan coffee that is only served by Father Carpenter. It’s on a trial and is genuinely the only coffee that I have ever enjoyed without sugar.

I accompanied the coffee with a warm banana bread and apple preserve, while I poured over my German class notes. This has become my favorite place to study.

If you’re ever in Berlin and want to find a good cup of coffee, this is where you need to go. The coffee shop is tucked away in The Blue Yard off of Münzstraße, close to the U Weinmeisterstraße metro station.

I recommend, of course, the drip coffee and banana bread. Bring your friends, bring your laptop, and you will not regret it. Enjoy!

Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers: Münzstraße 21, Berlin Mitte.

Instagram: Father.Carpenter.Coffee

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