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Funky Things To Do in Berlin

As my first week of Berlin comes to a close, I’ve been looking back at all I’ve done. I have actually done quiet a lot. I’ve been to a fair few museums, tried some cool restaurants, seen my uncle after at least a year, and successfully finished my first week of German classes!

For my travel buddies, I’ve made a list of funky things to do and places to go in Berlin. Let’s spice up you’re life!

1. The Designpanoptikum

This place made me feel like I was living a Black Mirror episode. A friendly Russian man owns a museum of surreal industrial objects that he’s collected.

He’s very proud of this museum and is always ready to give you a full back story on any object. He’s also a talented photographer. However, his art looks like something out of American Horror Story.

If you like creepy things, you need to check it out!

Designpanoptikum: Poststraße 7

PS- Check out my article on my museum visit here.

2. The Monsterkabinett

Another creepy place. I stumble upon it the other day when I was checking out a cool courtyard covered in street art. I saw a sign advertising the Monsterkabinett and was quite intrigued.

I went down a flight of stairs and through a metal door. The lights were completely out except for the glowing eyes of some metal monsters. It scared the crap out of me. A man popped his head around the corner and told me they were closed and that he forgot to lock the door.

I came back at 6.30 and saw the show in full light. Dozens of metal monsters lit up the room. I realized that Berlin has a strange obsession with creepy metal objects, much more than the usual city.

Monsterkabinett: Rosenthaler Straße 39

*Make sure you check the website for the show times, because they are not always open.

3. Underground Art Tour

This tour takes you around Berlin, showing you famous street art, and gives you a thorough explanation of the street art culture here. It started after the Cold War but still remains very present in Berlin’s culture today.

If you’re into art of any kind, this would be a cool tour to check out. It’s free, but you tip them what you want at the end. A must see!

Alternative Tours Berlin

Here is great article to check out for more funky things.

I hope you have a great time in Berlin!

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