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Ich Bin in Berlin!

Hey guys!

So I spent last week in Italy, a few days in Berlin but the weekdays in Sorrento. I was studying Italian at a small language school. Sorrento was small and charming and I could definitely see myself going back there.

Yesterday I arrived in Berlin and today I started a German language course. I got placed in A2, which was exciting! We barely speak English in the class and even after one day, my German has improved.

I live in a student apartment in Mitte, right in the center of the city. I don’t have any roommates this week, but I’ve heard that there are two students coming next week.

It’s great living in Mitte because I’m so close to all these cool coffee shops and museums. My two favorite things! I’m also happy to be here because my uncle is visiting his girlfriend here. I’ll finally get to meet her, Julia, and will get to see my uncle after what feels like forever.

My brother is also going to join me for a week during his Spring break. He’ll take a beginner German class at my school and hopefully be able to stay in the same apartment. My brother and I are really close and I have barely seen him in the past year, so I’m keen on spending time with him.

While I’m here, the main goal is to focus on my German. But I’m also excited to explore the city. I stayed here for a week in August and really enjoyed it! Last time I went to the planetarium, some World War II sites, a couple museums, and some cool coffee shops. But there’s still a lot I didn’t do.

I want to explore Museum Island, find some cool techno clubs to go to and get to know Berlin’s art scene. I have a couple ideas for articles including ‘Where to Drink Coffee in Berlin’ and ‘A Day in the Life of a Student in Berlin.’ I’m also taking suggestions for articles.

I’m here for a whole month so I hope to have a good understanding of the city and it’s culture before I leave. If there’s anything you’ve wanted to know about Berlin, leave it in the comments below!

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I am a freelance writer and stand-up comedian living in San Diego. I speak five languages (English, French, Italian, German, and Arabic) and have lived in Europe and the Middle East for the most part of the past four years. I write about travel, art, science, and history, or anything that captures my heart.

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