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Travel Bucket List For The Next Five Years

Sticking with the Asian vibe, China is definitely high up on the list. It’s one of the most fascinating and oldest cultures that I’ve always read about.


I’ve been traveling my whole life. It’s hard for me to imagine even a year where I don’t travel at least once. And the more I travel, the more I want to travel. But I’ve started a new job and now only get a limited amount of vacation time.

I know I will have a lot going on in the next few years. I’ll be really developing my career and that’s something I’m really excited about. However, in order for me to be truly happy, I will still have to travel. To keep myself in check, I’ve made a list of the top seven countries that I want to visit in the next five years. Even just having it here keeps me happy.

South Korea

I’ve wanted to visit South Korea since I started watching the YouTubers, Eat Your Kimchi, two years ago. I’d like to visit Seoul in particular because it seems like such a futuristic and high-tech city that it would be something out of a sci-fi novel.

There are other places in South Korea I’d like to visit, like Busan, a beach town, and the De-militarized Zone, which is the border between South Korea and North Korea. I’ve never been anywhere Eastern Asia and it’s been on my travel bucket list for a really long time. I feel like I have a really good understanding of European and Middle Eastern culture and it’s time for me to move on to another.

south korea


One of my close friends, Christina, grew up in Japan and still spends a lot of time there. She’s told me all kinds of stories of life there and I’ve always been fascinated with it. I think it’d be one of those places that I could really get attached to.

I’m super excited because I actually will be going to Japan for two weeks in November. I’m starting off in Tokyo and will do a day trip to Fukushima. Then I’ll head out to Kyoto, Osaka, and Wazuka. Then I’m finishing off my trip back in Tokyo. I’ve planned probably a hundred things to do and am counting down the days.


Update: I went to Japan!! It was amazing!! Check out these articles I wrote about it:


Sticking with the Asian vibe, China is definitely high up on the list. It’s one of the most fascinating and oldest cultures that I’ve always read about. I’d love to visit Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. I’m a history nerd, so I’m certain I’ll be visiting a lot of historical sights and taking a lot of history walking tours. I also really love Chinese food and what better place to gorge myself than the motherland itself?

hong kong


One of my closest friends from Cairo lives in Australia. He spends his time in Canberra and Melbourne. He insists that I would love it there. I’m really big into nature, especially beaches, and feel like I could really get lost here. I’ve also had a couple friends study abroad and it truly looks like a beautiful and exciting place. Considering how big it is and how far away it is, I’d like to be there for at least two weeks. My whole idea of traveling is to be an actual traveler, not a tourist. I like to spend a lot of time in one place so that I can get a good sense of the culture and lifestyle there.



Portuguese is a language that I’ve always wanted to learn and I can already speak a bit of it. I guess it’s very similar to French, Italian and Spanish so I don’t reckon it would be that hard for me to learn.

Lisbon and Porto are two places that I’ve been dying to go. I really like the aesthetics of the cities and I hear the food is incredible. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time in Spain, and Portugal was never too far away. It’s one of those places that has always been easily accessible but that I’ve never gotten around to visiting.



Scandinavia seems like a strange place. One of my close friends, Maia, is from Oslo and tells me all these crazy stories about the city. Stockholm and Helsinki are on my list as well. I’ve done some research on Scandinavia and the architecture in all the major cities looks amazing. I loved learning about the Vikings when I was younger so, again, I would be at all the museums and historical sights.

Lucky for me, I’ll finally get to go! Next year, I’ll be visiting Sweden and Norway so….dream come true 🙂



I’ve been studying Russian slowly for a while but it’s a really hard language and it’s been hard for me to advance. Despite the seemingly endless turmoil between my country and Russia, it still has peaked my interest for a long time. I went to school in Rome with two Russian girls, one from Saint Petersburg and one from Moscow. Both insisted that I would love those cities. If you haven’t noticed, what I look for when I’m traveling is usually architecture and history. Russia seems so far away and foreign but that’s even more inspiration for me to visit.


All those are at the top of my travel bucket list, but there’s still a few more places that I’d like to go, but my yearn to travel it is not so urgent. I’d like to travel around the UK again, visit Iceland and meet my family in Poland. Though I know I’ll be working a lot, I’m still certain that I can find the time to travel if I work hard. Traveling has become my life and I can’t imagine staying in one place for so long. There’s a whole world out there that I want to explore.

What’s on your travel bucket list?

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