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Amsterdam: the Adult Playground

There is a land known all around for being a capital in entertainment. There, you will never be hungry or bored. This place is Amsterdam. I often refer to Amsterdam as an adult playground because, whether or not you smoke marijuana, Amsterdam will always be one of those cities that you can run around all day and never run out of exciting things to do.

Whatever tickles your fancy is easily accessible in Amsterdam. Strange museums, world famous galleries, open markets, thrift stores, good food, and endless other forms of entertainment.

I’ve been to Amsterdam three times now and easily manage to do something new every time. The Van Gogh and Rijksmusum are two of my absolute favorites. You could spend endless hours in either of them. The gift shops alone are a treasure. There is also the NEMO Science Center,

Madame Tussaud’s, Micropia (a Museum about insects and bugs) and the Museum of Prostitution. All of these are properly weird and unusual. For all the book nerds, the city’s library will be like heaven. It’s large and modern, with a huge variety of books from all subjects.

Historically, Amsterdam has seen a lot. Once a mere fishing village, Amsterdam soon saw The Golden Age and was later invaded by German in World War II. Nearly eighty years after the war, the city is dotted with historical sites and museums in commemoration. Last January, I spent a whole day exploring the Jewish Quarter, the Joods Historisch Museum, the Holocaust Memorial and Museum, and the Anne Frank House. Naturally, it can be very depressing, but it’s important to see this side of history up close.

One weekend every month, Amsterdam Noord hosts the IJ-Hallen flea market. It’s the biggest flea market in Europe. You can find a bizarre assortment of items and food there. There are endless collections of rugs, furniture, books, clothes, art, and snacks. I had the most delicious mini pancakes. They were shaped like balls, covered in butter and dusted with powdered sugar. I had to go back for seconds.

Amsterdam is also home to croquettes. Deep friend balls filled with potato and cheese, eaten between bread with mustard, these croquettes will have you addicted. Be sure to also try fries with mustard! You can go into a bakery and find the cake of your dreams. I’ve seen rainbow, Oreo and fudge cakes, as well as waffles dipped in strawberry chocolate with all sorts of sweet toppings. This is definitely a good place to come if you have a sweet tooth.

The Red Light districts hosts much more than what is notorious for. I’ve spent hours in late night arcades, playing air hockey, jenga, motorcycle games sand basketball.

Whether you’ree in the city for a weekend or even study abroad, you will never have to worry about what you’ll do any given day. Amsterdam is a place for everyone, even children. Holland is not a particularly large country, so you could even pop out to the countryside and see tulip fields or The Hague. One thing’s for sure, once you’re there, you’ll never want to leave.

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