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The Strangest of Flights: Saudi Airlines

So I took a Saudi Airlines connect flight from Cairo to Jeddah and then from Jeddah to Los Angeles. It was the strangest flight I have ever been on. Before we took off, a prayer from the Prophet Mohammed was played on the plane. It was a chant of “Allahu Akbar” over and over. That wasn’t something I was particularly stoked to hear on a plane. I was also informed that there was a prayer room located just in front of me.

Soon, I was showered with a variety of fun gifts; luxury eye masks, thick blankets, socks, a toothbrush, headphones, and earplugs. The food on the flight was the best I’ve ever had on a plane. There was bread with soft cheese, meats, and rice, desserts and salads. The flight attendants kept pouring us delicious teas and coffees.

The screens in front of us had a variety of options. One of which was an Islamic channel, where you could read texts from the Quran, listen to a call for prayer, and readings by famous Islamic preachers. They also had a huge selection of movies, including all of the Harry Potter films. I was particularly pleased by this.

I started watching War Dogs, but the censoring was so ridiculous that I couldn’t get more than twenty minutes in without being too annoyed to continue. They dubbed any word worse than “hell”, and if some words were just too ‘vile’, they just cut the sound altogether. Women jogging on the screen had their bodies blurred and occasionally you would see something in the background that was blurred out, but I couldn’t always figure out why. I’ve seen War Dogs before and I know there’s a scene were a couple kisses, but it was completely cut from the movie.

The plane was probably only half full, so people, myself included, would stretch out along two or three seats. It was a cozy enough flight, what with the extra room, fluffy blankets, and eye covers. I also feel like the weird censoring was more amusing than annoying. All in all, I’m sure I would fly them again if they were an option. Still, it was one of the strangest flights I’ve taken.

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