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Where To Eat In Tel Aviv

I’ve been in Tel Aviv for three days now and am leaving for Jerusalem tomorrow. I spent today walking on the beach, exploring Carmel Market, and eating delicious foods.

I’ve been here a few times and so I’ve decided that these three Israeli restaurants are my favorite in the city!

Cafe Xoho, J.L. Gordon Street 17

This artistic and cozy cafe is a great place to start your day. They have an abundance of fluffy, savory bagels of all combinations and teas, juices and coffees galore.

It’s a short five minutes walk from the beach, so I took a breezy little walk along the coast, all the way to Carmel Market.

Next comes the hummous!!

Hummus Mashawsha, Pinkster Street 40

This is my go-to hummus spot at night and, in my opinion, the best restaurant in Tel Aviv. It’s open until 11, has funky music and a chill vibe. I always get the chickpea hummus mashawsha. It comes with a basket of bread and a side of fresh onions. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD USE YOUR ONION SLICES TO SCOOP UP HUMMUS!!!! The mint tea is good too:)

Shlomo and Doron, Yishkan Street 29

The first time I went to Carmel Market, I was wandering through the maze of stalls, stands and shops. I couldn’t find one good place to get hummus so I walked up to a little juice bar near by and asked the best place to get hummus near by. He pointed just down the alley in front of me and that’s what led me to Shlomo and Doron. They’re nearly always full, so I usually take my food to-go and sit at Banana Beach. Every. Single. Time. I get hummus with tahini and olive oil, with a side of bread and, of course, onions. The staff is very friendly and conversational.

I’m excited to make my way back to Jerusalem! It’s Hannukah, so things are extra festive. I’ll be on the hunt for more foodie destinations, but this time I’m looking for sweet things. Juices, teas, pastries and whatever else I can get my hands on. I can’t wait to show you 🙂

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