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I’m Going To Israel

I must be completely insane.

Tomorrow I leave for Israel. In this current political climate, it is considered dangerous. I booked my trip a week or two ago before any of this happened. Since Trump’s announcement last week, I’ve had more than a few people advise me not to go. But I’m aware of the situation and the dangers it poses.

I’ll stay out of crowds with a police or military presence, try not to take any buses, and I’ll be aware of when and where I’m going somewhere. But there’s still only so much you can do. However, the statistical possibility of anything actually happening to me is very low.

I reckon the most problems I will have traveling will be actually getting into Israel. But I had a friend, who is high up in the journalism industry, call ahead of time and make sure I’ll have no problems getting through. Hopefully, that will be enough.

But I’m sure I’ll have so much fun in Israel. I’ll be in Tel Aviv from Monday until Thursday, and then to Jerusalem until Sunday, and then back to Tel Aviv for two more days.

Israel was the first place I visited in the Middle East and it won my heart. Tel Aviv even reminded me of San Diego, my hometown. I fell in love with the hectic bazaars, friendly people, history and the abundance of fresh juice.

Despite the dangers of going, I can’t help but feel excited to go back to one of my favorite countries. I’ve always felt safe there, even walking alone at one at night. Above all, the culture is what really stuck with me. Right now, all I can think about is how excited I am.

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