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The Magical Land of Dingle

Dingle, Ireland. A magical little village on the southern coast, surrounded by bright green hills that rise and fall around you like waves and, thus, my favorite city in Ireland. The Dingle Peninsula is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen. The waters are a deep blue and shine like diamonds, sheep and cows rest lazily by the roads, and charming cottages dot the countryside like little flowers.

The city of Dingle is like no other I’ve seen. Squares of green and dark green land line the little harbor that opens up and embraces the sea. In a way, it reminds me of Faaker See in the Austrian Alps. Serene and relaxing; a place that time forgot.

Privately owned boats float precariously in the harbor, though still seem to be in good use. I need to take my time here; people move at their own pace. I wait a long time for the ATM and to be served dinner. But this place forces you to wait. Here, you want to wait. Though there are not many tourists, there are a lot of French people. This is a good sign because I’ve found that French people know how to enjoy their time, especially on vacation.

At night, the full moon guards the black and rustled water as the town buzzes around the harbor. I see the same cheerful old men with whom I shared a pint at the local pub. They sing loudly and dance in the street. A long line has formed outside the ice cream store, Murphey’s. Rightfully so because it is truly the best ice cream I had ever enjoyed. The adorable freckled teen spoils us with samples of all her favorite flavors and cracks jokes while we decide on our order. I always get a cone with one scoop of butterscotch and one scoop of the classic Dingle Sea Salt.

It’s not uncommon to pass the same people at three different times of the day, and for them to greet you with a hearty hello. My two week trip around Ireland brought me many wonders, one of which was how this little town could be so captivating and mysterious. I spent a mere three days in Dingle but, like Edinburgh, it has a special place in my heart. There are many things one could lose in Dingle: their time, for one. I wonder how a place like this, so divine and quaint, could have not even been mentioned on any of the top Ireland travel to-do lists. But this undiscovered treasure keeps its secrets.

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