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Glasses of the Future: Shielding Our Eyes From Inevitable Damage

Our society is constantly illuminated by the addictive glow of our electronic devices. Here in France people spend about 8 hours a day staring at a screen and check their phone every 6.5 minutes. For me, I’d say it’s about twice as much. For much of my waking hours, my eyes are glued to a screen. This can be consequentially harmful to the eyes and brain because of something called ‘blue light.’

What Is Blue Light?

Blue light is a term that we find on the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye is able to detect, ranging from 380 nm to 500 nm. It is projected from our computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions and all other LED systems. In today’s world, it is nearly inescapable.

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This ‘blue light’ has many negative effects on our bodies including toxic damage to our retinas. Regular exposure to blue light can lead to loss of central and peripheral vision, even blindness. Many find that their eyes become strained and fatigued after prolonged exposure. In fact, there’s a specific term for the burning sensation that one experiences from our electronics, snow blindness.

How Does Blue Light Affect Sleep?

The real damage comes from light during the night. It is unclear why, but exposure to light when the body should be sleeping has been proved to lead to obesity, heart disease, and even certain types of cancer. It also depletes our regular dose of melatonin, which is a natural hormone connected to our body’s internal clock. When a body lacks melatonin, it becomes more and more difficult to fall asleep, often resulting in insomnia.

Insomnia renders thousands upon thousands of people, including myself, at its mercy. If you’ve ever experienced insomnia, you know it can be like a slow torture that extends into the earliest hours of the morning. I have been suffering from this condition on and off for more than two years. More than a third of people in France suffer from sleep troubles and twelve percent suffer from insomnia.

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One day, as I sat sipping my regular café crème at Café Loustic, one of the baristas, whom I had gotten to know fairly well, offered me the Edie & Watson blue light glasses. He gave me the gist of what they do, which filters a quarter of the harmful rays and most of the good radiation of the blue light screens. Besides being incredibly stylish, these glasses offer comfort and protection to the eyes while engaged in the screen.

I purchased the glasses online for a shockingly low price of 45 euros and immediately integrated them into my everyday life. I try to wear these glasses every time I look at a screen, whether it be while I work on my computer or send out a few messages off my phone. After a few days of constant protection, I found myself easing into a more comfortable sleep at night.

I was incredibly pleased with the results and wanted to see if others felt the same way. I found entirely positive reviews across the board. I also found that more than 4 million Japanese have been using this technology for over three years. This proved to me that these really were the glasses of the future. I am a huge fan of Japanese, particularly Tokyo, culture and I was happy to hear that they were once again ahead of the game.

I recommend that everyone give blue light glasses a try!

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