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Rubeus Hagrid: Too Gentle For This World

The Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts does not have enough appreciation posts, in my opinion. I actually haven’t seen any at all. But this giant teddy bear is half-human, half-giant, with a heart of a gold, deserves them. Hagrid is the biggest sweetie, calling himself “mummy” to any creature, regardless of how they look.

Hagrid gave Harry the best present of all time. Before Harry left Hogwarts for summer at the end of Sorcerer’s Stone, Hagrid gave him a leather-bound book with all the photos he had collected of Lily and James. He never once forgot Harry’s birthday. In fact, he gave Harry his first birthday cake EVER. He also bought him his first present, which was Harry’s beloved animal companion, Hedwig. And let’s not forget that he threw a “Support Harry Potter’ at Hogwarts while the Death Eater’s controlled the school.

Hagrid; who won’t stand there and let someone insult Dumbledore. Who pats Ron’s back when he’s puking up slugs and cheers up Hermione after Draco calls her a mudblood. He’s a hairy, burly, strong manly man but he cooks and has a pink umbrella, cries for his friends and gives the biggest bear hugs!

what? no i'm not crying, i have a branch in my eye...

I mean, look how adorable he is in his (very horrible) gigantic furry suit.

god-awful suit he wore in GoF

Hagrid, who can’t keep a secret. A gentle man with a love for dangerous creatures. Who invited Harry, Ron, and Hermione to his hut for tea every week and cheered them on at every Quidditch game. I think Hagrid saw himself in Harry. They were both orphans. They grew up as outsiders and misfits.

Hagrid carried baby Harry out of the remains of the Potter home in Godric’s Hollow and he carried him, presumed, lifeless body in The Deathly Hallows. As JK Rowling put it, “It was Hagrid who came and took him into the world and then Hagrid who would bring him back.” He was the first one to tell Harry he was a wizard and would have died for the boy. He was a father figure to Harry from the start.

sing it, Harry

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