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The AntiCafe

Located on a side street, close to The Louvre, hides one of Paris’s real hidden gems. A café where you pay by the hour, not by the drinks or food. Prices start at 4€ an hour or 16€ a day, but you can also choose to pay by the week or month. AntiCafe is known as an “Espace de Partage”, for anyone wishing to work, write, meet up, and share. A network of writers, who have found a safe haven, sit at community tables and share their thoughts. However, it still holds that independent, creative environment.

10 Rue de Richelieu

A place where you can have a bowl of chocolate cereal or elegant biscuits, fresh lemonade or an espresso. Wifi is free and fast, with an abundance of chargers and outlets. They even supply a printer, projector, and scanner for those extra hard workers. A large wooden bookshelf hides in a niche, with a variety of books and games to peruse at your leisure. Delicate, black and white art lines the whitewashed walls, emphasizing the simplicity of the whole cafe.

At the beginning of Paris’s design week, AntiCafe welcomed a trendy, week-long pop-up showroom. Happy young adults presented their collection of modish clothes and accessories.

At one point I found myself in the company of a well-behaved doggy, patiently sitting underneath my table. Most people were very comfortable with him as if he were a regular customer.

puppy :)

This modest treasure can be found in Rome, as well, with three more locations all over Paris. There are many events that take place here, including theme parties and movie nights. You can find out more about this magical world on their Facebook page. I promise you, you have never seen anything like this.

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I am a freelance writer and stand-up comedian living in San Diego. I speak five languages (English, French, Italian, German, and Arabic) and have lived in Europe and the Middle East for the most part of the past four years. I write about travel, art, science, and history, or anything that captures my heart.

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