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How To Say “I Love You”

Time Magazine released what they have determined to be the face of the average American in 2050. It includes people who they have labeled as “Blackanese, Filatino, Chicanese, and Korgentinian”. These are all just examples of the many different mixes that will become normal. Almost all will have darker skin, making Caucasians the new minority. With interracial couples becoming more and more common, it’s a possibility that some of you guys will end up with a lover from a different race. I thought maybe I could give you a little preview of what might become a constant part of your life. So without further ado, here are a few ways you can tell them you love them.

Norwegian: Eg elskar deg

Afrikaans: Ek het jou lief.

Arabic: Uḥibbuk.

Dutch: Ik hou van je.

Spanish: Te amo. (This is also in Latin)

Finnish: Minä rakastan sinua

Korean: Sarang hae.

Sanskrit: Twāmanurajāmi

Russian: Ja teb’a l’ubl’u!

Swahili: Ninakupenda

Japanese: Suki desu.

Portuguese: Adoro-te.

Turkish: Sendi seviyorum.

Urdu: Mein ap say muhabat karta hoon.

Mandarin: Wǒ ài nǐ.

French: Je t’aime.

Thai: Pŏm rák kun.

Estonian: Ma armastan sind.

Navajo: Ayóó ánóshí.

And, of course, sign language:

hand sign for “i love you”

Those are some ways to verbally tell them but not everything has to be said for someone to understand what you mean. Some people can communicate with just facial expressions. Most of you probably know what I mean. I and my best friend can have an entire conversation without saying a word. It’s all in the eyes. Of course, there are things you can say that have so much more meaning behind them.

“Put your seat belt on.”

“You can have the last slice.”

“Watch your step.”

“Here, take my jacket.”

“Let’s adopt a dog.”

“Get some sleep.”

You don’t always have to tell someone you love them. You just have to give them no reason to doubt it.

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I am a freelance writer and voice actress living in San Diego. I speak five languages (English, French, Italian, German, and Arabic) and have lived in Europe and the Middle East for the most part of the past four years. I write about travel, art, science, and history, or anything that captures my heart.

1 comment on “How To Say “I Love You”

  1. True that! There are so many ways to express love 😍 Happy to connect ❤
    Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your reviews 😇


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